Thursday, 21 April 2011

What else could I have done? 5

Part 5 - The Women

It was horrible; I couldn’t watch really. We’ve been with him for the last 3 years, looking after him and his friends, making sure that they had at least one square meal. Well, they used to sit up till all hours, talking and laughing; and sometimes they’d go off and not be back for days. I remember once he went off with Peter, James & John – they were always the closest, at least then – and they came back with all sorts of stories about Moses & Elijah! Men, eh?!
When we came to Jerusalem last weekend it was great; everyone in the party mood, with it being Passover and everything. To be honest I was glad someone else was sorting out the dinner this year. But when we’d finished everything went horribly wrong, and before we knew where we were Jesus had been arrested and condemned to death. We tried to get the crowd on our side, but the priests had whipped up the mob for Barabbas, and no-one listens to women these days, whatever we try to say.
Needless to say the men all ran away – all except John that is. It was quite moving really, Jesus asked him to look after Mary – it must’ve taken all the strength he could muster just to breathe, never mind speak, but he managed.
We’ve decided to go and visit the grave on Sunday morning – we can’t go tomorrow with it being Sabbath. Just to sit and remember, and maybe put some spices in the tomb. But we just felt we had to be here today, though, in his final hours… But what else could we have done?
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