About me, and about this Blog

Some of you coming to this Blog may know me: some of you may not. So here's a bit about me, and about what and why I'm writing here.

I'm 58, for the last 31 years I've been married to Judith, and I'm the father of two great lads, Mike (28) and James (26), and we all live in Sheffield. I have recently (2019) retired early on health grounds after serving as a Methodist Minister in Stanley in Co Durham, Wetherby in West Yorkshire, Sheffield, Kendal & Castle Donington. I was ordained in 1994.

I have a number of interests in life, apart from my calling and family. I enjoy listening to music, mainly rock, and mainly Progressive Rock, but also enjoy jazz, blues and heavy metal, as well as some classical music. I love watching cricket - I don't play well - and also commentate for a hospital radio station on some Yorkshire matches and the occasional International game. I'm not a great football (soccer) supporter, but have followed Leeds United since being a boy. I enjoy cooking, when I get the chance, and also eating good food. I like a glass of wine, enjoy real ale and single malt whisky.

My interests in life tend to provide the inspiration for what I write in this Blog. So you'll find some theological reflection, thoughts on music I've been listening to or have recently discovered. Most of it tends to be spontaneous ramblings about whatever's on my mind at the time. Quite often God will get a mention, but then God is important to me - and not just as an employer!

Some of the things I write may be a little trite; some of them may be provocative; some of them may be cynical - that's one of my foibles, I'm afraid. I hope it doesn't necessarily put you off.

Like most bloggers, I suppose I'm putting my thoughts down in this way because I think I have something to say that others might benefit from reading, and this is a great way to speak to people across the world.

Maybe there's a germ of inspiration hiding in here somewhere. Please explore, and if anything speaks to you, let me know, whether you agree with me or not. I'm a man: I can take it!