Sunday, 10 April 2011

Luke & Jon

Music came to the wilderness last night. In the midst of the art we were delighted to welcome two contrasting musicians, Luke Leighfield and Jon Gomm.

Luke, a young man from Southampton, played us his own compositions on a solo keyboard. Someone on YouTube said of his music 'his songs sound like they should be in musicals' - see what you think. It was a good set, though I thought the sound balance between keyboard and vocals could have been better.

Jon Gomm is a sensation (my considered opinion). He has a unique way of playing guitar that almost turns it into a band on its own, and has a dream-like, mumbling vocal style somewhat akin to John Martyn. Again, here's an example of his work that I hope you'll enjoy. He did struggle a little with the acoustics in the church, and the 'natural reverb', but an excellent set, and only a shame that there weren't more there to hear.

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