Friday, 29 April 2011

Wedding Fever...

Today HRH Prince William of Wales and Kate Middleton will 'tie the knot' at Westminster Abbey and, like many millions of couples before them, become man and wife. This is not a rare occurrence - so why is there so much media fuss?

Part of the reason is, of course, that William is second in line to the British crown - whatever that means in an increasingly egalitarian society. By virtue of his birth (and the popular and media obsession with his mother, Diana Princess of Wales) he has lived his life in the media spotlight simply by dint of who his parents were. Don't get me wrong: I'm not particularly anti-royalist, nor am I particularly pro-royalist - I'm just not convinced that aristocracy should necessarily be a criterion for celebrity, in the same way that I'm not convinced that there is much that should lead to 'celebrity' as it is hallowed today.

I may not be a royalist (nor a republican), but I am at times a cynic, and part of me sees this media-led hysteria surrounding the wedding as a way of diverting popular attention away from the parlous state of our domestic political situation, as the implications of Coalition economic policies begin to take hold of people's lives. There's nothing like a party (and a day off work) to take your mind off your troubles! Of course, those troubles will still be there tomorrow.

Nevertheless, I know from experience that marriage is not an easy journey, but through a combination of love, hard work, determination and prayer Judith & I have managed to survive 23 years so far. Sadly the track record for William's family (apart from The Queen & Prince Philip) is not good as far as marriage goes. So I wish them both well; I hope that the press and the people will leave them alone to make this marriage work; and I pray that God would bless their union. But that is, if I'm honest, the extent of my interest in their happy day.