Saturday, 23 April 2011

23 years...

At 11:00 on Saturday 23 April 1988 Judith & I were married at Walkley Baptist Church in Sheffield. It was the church that Judith had grown up in, and had recently been refurbished - in fact we were the frist couple married there following the refurbishment. The weather was OK - not as nice as it is in Sheffield today - and it was great to share the day with friends and family.

Reflecting on the last 23 years, my thoughts turned to the following poem - one of my favourites - by RS Thomas, which for me sums up the love that underpins any successful union of man and woman. It's simply called 'A Marriage.'

We met
     under a shower
of bird-notes.
     Fifty years passed,
love's moment
     in a world in
servitude to time.
     She was young;
I kissed with my eyes
     closed and opened
them on her wrinkles.
     `Come,' said death,
choosing her as his
     partner for
the last dance, and she,
     who in life
had done everything
     with a bird's grace,
opened her bill now
     for the shedding
of one sigh no
     heavier than a feather.

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  1. many congratulations - jude looks too young to get married - did you need special permission?