Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Location, location...

One of the interesting things about being in Sheffield for the last few years has been spotting film locations. You, dear reader, may well be aware that 'The Full Monty' was filmed in Sheffield - it was based here after all, and it's been interesting to try and find the places where that excellent film was shot. My wife, Judith, helped, as she is a native of the city.

I've just finished watching 'Four Lions', a film released last year, directed by Chris Morris, and concerning a groups of misguided would-be Islamist terrorists - again based in Sheffield. It was a very silly film, quite funny in places, and took the typically irreverent tone of much of Chris Morris's output. It is not a film to watch if you are easily offended. But the main thing I will take away from the film is that part of it was filmed in my house!

We moved into this manse in June last year, and before then the Circuit had been trying to sell the property. While it was empty, they rented it out to the production company that made the film, and a number of scenes were shot in what was the kitchen/ dining room (now the lounge), and the front room, which is now my study. Before we moved in we had some major building work done on the house, so things are very different now to how they are in the film, but it's good to know that I have had a part - albeit a very tangential part - in a British movie.

Sheffield is a great city: it has the highest student retention rate in the country, I'm told, and is a fascinating place to live, work and minister. And, it seems, it is in great demand for film locations - just last month there was a film crew just round the corner from us making another movie. Let's hope this continues, and keeps Sheffield on the creative map.

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