Monday, 7 February 2011

It's a cat's life!

This is Horatio. Horatio has been a part of our family for a few months now, and in recent days we've finally let him have the run of the house - well, parts of it. Before then he was strictly restricted to the kitchen, utility room and lounge. He's still not allowed outside, but who'd want to go out in this weather?!

Most of his life is spent either eating, sleeping or running around like a mad thing. He has his favourite toys -  a pink fluffy mouse and a blue & white ball with a bell in it - and he loves patting them around the floor and chasing after them, though he also seems to like chewing my slippers (while I'm wearing them) and my hand too! The picture above shows him commandeering my reading chair in my study.

Reflecting on his lifestyle, I can't help feeling a little bit jealous. Most of his time is spent asleep; when he's awake, he expects to be fed regularly (which we do), entertained occasionally, and have the choice of the best seats in the house (that's where I have to pull rank). But he also seems to enjoy company: now that he can roam around the house, he seeks us out, and spends quite a bit of time lurking in my study - usually just sitting or lying around (copying me, maybe?) And he does have his manic moments, rushing around the house like a dervish, letting off steam as only he can. How I envy that unabashed ability to let off steam or frustration at times!

When Judith, my wife, first suggested getting a kitten I must confess I wasn't much in favour: more responsibility and more expense (typical Yorkshireman!), just as we were finally getting rid of the kids seeing the kids begin to leave home. But I have to say that I have quickly been won over by his charm and playfulness, and his laid-back attitude to life. If I believed in re-incarnation, maybe I wouldn't mind coming back as a cat: they're obviously a higher life-form than us; and it seems they've got life sussed.

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