Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Light in our Darkness

As Advent Sunday approaches, here's a hymn for use when lighting the Advent Candles which I wrote a few years ago. It can be sung to the tune Bunessan (Morning has broken)

Week 1
Light in our darkness;
Joy in our sorrow;
Hope for our future;
Help on our way;
Jesus, your people
Look for your coming,
Bringing deliverance:
Hasten the day!

Week 2
Lord of the future,
The past and the present,
Now and for ever
Always the same:
May we believe
The truth of the Scriptures,
All of us giving
Praise to your name.

Week 3
Voice in the desert,
Calling your people
To new beginnings,
Starting anew:
Jesus, your coming
Challenges us
To offer our lives
In service to you.

Week 4
Mary, you heard
The voice of the Master;
Willingly gave
Yourself to His plan.
Through your obedience
We have salvation:
God is among us,
Now become man.

Christmas Day
Glory to God
And peace to all people;
Jesus is born
Salvation to bring.
This Christmas morning
With all creation
We join in worship:
Praise to the King!

Copyright © John L Simms 1999