Saturday, 19 March 2011

What a Relief!

I must confess that telethon's don't really grab me, and I didn't spend all of last night glued to 'Comic Relief', but I did manage to catch some of it. In the brief moments that I managed to watch I have to say that I was profoundly moved by the 'Eastenders' section about young people being groomed into prostitution, and David Tennant's piece about malaria prevention in Uganda.

A lot of people will have done some very silly things yesterday to raise money for this worthy cause, and kudos to them for doing it. One of the strengths, I think, of events like this, is the juxtaposition of comedy and tragedy - two extremes of emotion - in order to enforce a point about the inequity that still abounds in our so-called civilised world.

I woke this morning to find that a staggering (that's the usual adjective, isn't it?) £74.3 million was raised on the night, and who knows what the total will grow to in the coming weeks. And although many of those taking part would not admit it - and some would openly deny it - in this I can see the Kingdom of God breaking through, as hearts and lives are changed and the poor have good news told to them.

Thank you once again, Comic Relief, for this life-changing work!

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